Painting a Watercolor Humpback Whale

Come join me in learning to paint the giant Humpback Whale in watercolors.  

Topics we will cover:

Basic supplies needed will be covered.   I will share with you some of my favorite supplies and how my experience has led me to these choices, in the supplies lesson of this class.    

You will complete a basic sketch layout or trace your sketch from one I have provided.

You will learn to use masking fluid to preserve white areas in your painting.

You will learn wet-on-wet watercolor techniques, including color mixing right on your paper.  

You will learn wet-on-dry techniques in layering the details.

You will also learn about bringing your project to life with dark & light values to create shadows and highlights.  

You will complete your Humpback Whale project in a just few short lessons!

Even if you’re a beginner in watercolor painting, you can tackle this project with my instruction!   This is a fairly easy class that will build your skills and confidence to complete your painting and press on to more complicated paintings.  In fact, this project uses a very limited palette, so completing your project will be fairly quick and easy. 

We’ll go Step.  By.  Step!  I will share some of my tips with you along the way.  So follow along with me and let’s create a beautiful Humpback Whale!  Then you can share your completed project on the “your project” page for us all to ooooooh and aaaaaaah over!  

Let’s GO!

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