Part 2: AWS Certified Solutions Architect (and CD, SO) 2019

Description Part 2: AWS Certified Solutions Architect (and CD, SO) 2019 Free Download

  • Gain a solid understanding of the Amazon Web Services Cloud Platform
  • Ace certification exam questions on Architectural Patterns, Queuing, Notification, Serverless Compute, Databases, API Gateway, Disaster Recovery, and more
About This course provides a structured introduction to AWS and prepares you to get certified at the Associate Level (Architect, Sysops Admin, and Developer). This is the second and concluding part of the two-part course series on getting certified at Associate Level. In Part 1 of this course, you learned about core services that form the foundation of the AWS Cloud Platform. This included networking, storage, compute, automatic scaling, security, monitoring, and tools to estimate the cost of a solution. AWS also provides a range of Cloud database offerings including RDS, NoSQL, In-Memory, Columnar, and ElasticSearch and we explore what their strengths and weaknesses are.

You’ll learn how to manage streaming data with Amazon Kinesis (Stream, Firehose, Analytics). You’ll find out about Amazon ECS, Containers, and Dockers. You’ll get CloudFormation lectures that teach how to manage your infrastructure as code. You’ll get an overview of Elastic Beanstalk and how you can quickly deploy your application and manage the infrastructure automatically.

This course also introduces the programmatic integration of AWS Services from your application. As you learn about these topics, you’ll also discover architectural best practices and patterns to build cost-effective and highly scalable solutions. We’ll also look at the disaster recovery options that are enabled by AWS. 

Style and ApproachIn this course, we’ll start with services that offer Queueing, Notification, and Email capabilities. Then we’ll focus on Lambda server-less compute capability provided by AWS and API Gateway to provide a RESTful front end for your Lambda functions.

  • This course teaches you the fundamentals
  • You’ll get information to help you pass the exam and get a job

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