Pentesting WebApplications: From a Tester’s Perspective

Web Applications are most important part of Internet whether you want to use email, want to download files, want to buffer some videos, you want to socialize with your friend. you use web applications

Webapplication security testing is a Hot topic now a days every company which create website or which have their own network like Facebook and Google needs Tester. The tester performs all the tests on the webapplication to make that secure.

A webapplication Tester earns around $103,000 per annum and not this only you can earn a lot of money by doing bug bounties in your spare time.

In this course I will teach you that how you can perform different type of testings how to test the authorization and authentication schema any possible bypasses of them as well.

I am going to cover most of the testing methods in this course and will update this on regular basis.So lets put a break on words and lets start learning.

Who this course is for:
  • The person who wants to pursue a careers a pentester or Security Engineer
  • Anyone who is interested in WebApplication Security Testing
  • Anyone who just want to learn more about webapps

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