Photoshop CC- Photo restoration – Removing Colour Casts

Photoshop CC- Photo restoration – Removing Colour Casts Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Restore extensive Colour Casts/Loss on old photos
  • Restore old damaged phots
  • Remove unwanted parts of a photo
  • Adobe Photoshop is needed
  • Some Experience in Photoshop


In order to take this course you will need the following:

  • A computer or Mac
  • A working copy of Adobe Photoshop (You can download a 7 day trial from the Adobe Website)
  • An attitude to learn the techniques to restore badly colour damaged images

After receiving excellent feedback and five star ratings from my Udemy courses and YouTube Channel, I have decided to widen my audience and reach out to some more of you guys on Udemy. In doing so I have come up with a really neat course that will teach you the skills needed to restore badly damaged photos to their original glory!

Below is some student feedback that I have received on my Udemy courses:

I’ve needed a course like this! My animations have been looking too rigid but looking at some of the lessons I’m so excited for the outcome! I’m learning fast but with time to practice all the skills I’ve learnt with the assignments. Thank for creating this! – Timothy Stone – (UDEMY)

So looking forward to this course after watching your YouTube tutorials! Good value with so many resources! – Josh Bright – (UDEMY)

Really easy to understand. – Joe Lee – (UDEMY)

Thanks for these amazing Tutorials, great work as always! Never stop posting cause these are all amazing help for beginners like myself! – Danny M – (YOUTUBE)

Course Description

Photoshop CC: Photo restoration – Removing Colour Casts, is built around helping Adobe Photoshop users and students learn the skills needed to restore badly damaged photos. There are many different uses for Photoshop which can be covered but this course is focused primarily on the restoration of old photos.

There are many different effects that I teach you through this course, all focused around photo restoration. We will look at removing artefacts such as dust and dirt aswell as other unwanted aspects. We will also look at using different colour adjustment tools along with layer masks to restore the colour in our image. FFinally we will look at correcting exposure issues within our image.

As I come from a teaching background (teaching visual effects and motion graphics is my day job), I believe in equipping students with the skills needed and then letting students put their skills to the test, so as I say in some of the final videos, once you have restored your image, feel free to share your work with me in the question room or on social media and then I can provide feedback and help you further! (Details of Creative Tap’s social media can be found in my profile).

This course covers the following areas:


-Analysis of Photo


-Artefact and Object Removal

-Colour Adjustment and Correction

-Skin tone painting

-Exposure Correction

If you have signed up to this course I strongly advise you to use the Q+A board if needed and you can also tweet any feedback to me via my twitter, which is found on my profile. It would also be useful if you could leave a review/rating on the course. These are just some ways that I can get feedback of you to further improve my courses in the future!

Target Audience

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn how to resotre badly damaged photos/images in Adobe Photoshop!

-After taking this course student will be to analyse the reuirements of a badly dmaged photo

-After taking this course students will be able to manage colour cast removal and colour damage

-After taking this course students will be able to paint in realistic skin tones and uses many advanced colour adjutsment techniques

-After taking this course students will be able to restore old damaged photos for family and clients.

I really hope you enjoy this free course and get a lot of valuable information from it!

Who this course is for:
  • Photographers lookin to develop their digital skills
  • Retouch artists looking to build their skillset further
  • Photo restoration artists
  • Digital artists


DownloadPhotoshop CC- Photo restoration – Removing Colour Casts Free Download Free


Password : freetuts.download

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