Producertech – Neuro Tech DnB Production

Producertech – Neuro Tech DnB Production   Free Tutorial Download

With his technical mastery of production and highly critical ear, Proxima is one of the leading figures in Drum & Bass today. His music rapidly caught the attention of popular labels, leading to his first release on Renegade back in 2008. Since then, he has been a regular artist on the roster of Tempa, Shogun Audio and more recently Icicle’s label Entropy.

In this online course, Proxima takes students on a journey as he sculpts a twisted Neuro Tech DnB track from scratch. Practically every one of the musical parts, including basses, leads, FX and even drums, are created using Live Suite instruments like Analog, Operator, Collision and Wavetable. Students can therefore expect to be treated to a huge wealth of sound design expertise and insight, as each sound is carefully crafted from an initialised state.

In addition to sound design, Proxima shares his invaluable mixing and arrangement tips, showing how to achieve a perfect balance throughout a track. Using audio processing and automation to great effect, he demonstrates how to juxtapose sounds to create melodic and rhythmic interest, whilst delivering a satisfyingly gnarly and devastating groove, guaranteed to have a dancefloor rocking!

As with all Producertech courses, a free sample lesson is supplied, so students can see an example of Proxima’s lesson style before signing up, to make sure the course is right for them. Signing up then allows access to well over 3 hours of streamed lessons, the completed Live project from the tutorials and a 100MB taster of Proxima’s Looptone Drum & Bass Masterclass sample pack, providing students with a huge package for producing massive DnB anthems of their own!


Download  Producertech – Neuro Tech DnB Production Free


Password : freetuts.download

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