Proj. WEB RESTFul: HTML5 Bootstrap CSS JavaScript Node MySQL

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ATTENTION: If you have taken the course ‘Complete JavaScript Course – JS Master Jedi Training’   you will not need to purchase this course, as it is a JS Master JS module.

Web development has grown by leaps and bounds with a number of JavaScript-based technologies, and the development of NodeJs, which is becoming more popular in the marketplace, enables us to develop JavaScript with the Back-end server side.

With the range of front-end and back-end JavaScript frameworks, the developer must enhance their knowledge of modern JavaScript ES6 and ESNext, and can develop sophisticated and scalable Web applications through the use of NodeJs and SPA (Single Page Application) in Front End Ajax requests.

With the popularity of NodeJs, Express Middleware, which handles requests and responses on Node servers, proved to be efficient for creating Web applications and RESTFul APIs, in which we make use of this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • All developers interested in expanding their knowledge and JavaScript and NodeJs to develop modern SPA-style Web applications and RESTFull API with Express and MySQL

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