Project Portfolio Management Foundations

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A portfolio connects business strategy to the bottom line: the products and projects that have to achieve business results. Portfolio Management Foundations is targeted at project, program, and product managers, as well as business leaders, who want to learn the art and science of portfolio management and deliver success repeatably and reliably every time. Learn exactly what a portfolio is—a top-down strategy delivery vehicle—and what it isn’t—a bottom-up reporting consolidation. Get an overview of the portfolio life cycle, from idea generation and capacity planning through execution and delivery. Find out who plays the important roles and how accountability and empowerment can lead to better results for the entire business. Next, learn how to implement portfolio management and integrate tools and techniques from other business areas. Plus, find out how to assess performance and manage “beyond the project” once delivery has occurred.

Topics include:

  • Connecting leadership strategy to project delivery with portfolios
  • Portfolio lifecycle
  • Portfolio management roles
  • Implementing portfolio management
  • Measuring performance
  • Portfolio management case study

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