Prototyping with Balsamiq: A Beginner’s Guide

Prototyping with Balsamiq: A Beginner’s Guide – Basic Gaming Tutorial with Balzac

This video training is all about the development of low-fidelity prototypes for smart apps and websites. Prototypes designed in Balsamiq are nonfunctioning models that give you the edge on the creation process, because they can be assembled in a single day. Prototypes give you a direction on the construction of the project and can save you time and money. This course teaches you the principles of prototyping, shows you around the Balsamiq interface, and teaches you how to assemble and disseminate basic prototypes. Want to learn how to prototype? This course gets you there fast.

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Manufacturer: Orly / O’Reilly
Language: English
Teacher: Andy Anderson
Level of training: Preliminary
time of training: 2 hours + r 29 minutes
File size: 2330 MB


Password : freetuts.download

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