Python – OpenCV and PyQt5 together

Python – OpenCV and PyQt5 together   Free Tutorial Download

Learning from videos is one of the best way to learn! This course explains basics and advanced topics in OpenCV library that is used for machine vision, and also PyQt5 to create real Desktop App with Machine Learning Algorithms. A short overview on some Machine Learning Algorithms explained with pros and cons of each of them. After this knowledge, you should be able to create other applications with UI, processing images, and with Machine Learning algorithm either for classification, regression or clustering. With some basics in Python, you will understand every single coma in the videos. The course is made to be for ‘All Levels’, so everyone should understand everything without basic knowledge on libraries that are used. However, as it is said several times in the videos, it is a better way to go by learning a language before leaning a library. This tutorial is made to help, remember that it could help someone else even though it does not help a particular group.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone that is interested on how machine learning works.
  • Anyone that is interested on image preprocessing.
  • Anyone that wants to build Desktop App with Python
  • Python developers / Desktop or Web App developers curious about data science


Download  Python – OpenCV and PyQt5 together  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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