Question – Answer Grammar Fluency Training (Past Tenses)

Question – Answer Grammar Fluency Training (Past Tenses)   Free Tutorial Download

When teaching English to students at intermediate and higher levels, a common problem that I see is that a lot of students ‘know’ the rules of grammar……..but they don’t know how to ‘use’ the grammar fluently and quickly. Knowing a lot of rules and being able to use them fluently are very different things.

In school you probably had to memorize a thousand English grammar rules but now still have difficulty speaking English fluently. In this class I try and take a different approach: my job is to get you USING the grammar as much as possible to become more fluent, without filling your head with too many grammar rules which are easily forgettable.

You can read 10 books about riding bicycles, or you can jump on a bike and start learn by pushing the pedals, trying and failing as you improve. Which method would you choose? When we were in school they used the book approach. Personally, I would jump on the bike straight away, and I think it’s the same for grammar. You need to USE it for it to become automatic and fluent.

In this class I will focus on common PAST TENSES, but in future classes I will focus on the present tenses, future tenses, conditionals, passives, and forming questions using the correct grammar, so look out for those in the future.


Download  Question – Answer Grammar Fluency Training (Past Tenses)  Free


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