RealPython – Unicode in Python – Working With Character Encodings

 RealPython – Unicode in Python – Working With Character Encodings   Free Tutorial Download

Handling character encodings in Python or any other language can at times seem painful. Places such as Stack Overflow have thousands of questions stemming from confusion over exceptions like UnicodeDecodeError and UnicodeEncodeError. This tutorial is designed to clear the Exception fog and illustrate that working with text and binary data in Python 3 can be a smooth experience. Python’s Unicode support is strong and robust, but it takes some time to master.

This tutorial is different because it’s not language-agnostic but instead deliberately Python-centric. You’ll still get a language-agnostic primer, but you’ll then dive into illustrations in Python, with text-heavy paragraphs kept to a minimum. You’ll see how to use concepts of character encodings in live Python code.

By the end of this tutorial, you’ll:

  • Get conceptual overviews on character encodings and numbering systems
  • Understand how encoding comes into play with Python’s str and bytes
  • Know about support in Python for numbering systems through its various forms of int literals
  • Be familiar with Python’s built-in functions related to character encodings and numbering systems

Character encoding and numbering systems are so closely connected that they need to be covered in the same tutorial or else the treatment of either would be totally inadequate.


Download  RealPython – Unicode in Python – Working With Character Encodings Free


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