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Research Methodology – Udemy   Free Tutorial Download

Learn about key concepts of Research Methodology such as Research ProblemResearch DesignSampling TechniquesResearch ProposalData CollectionData Analysis, and Research Report (Dissertation/Thesis). This course aims to explain the concepts within shortest time possible whilst keeping it real SIMPLE.

This course designed to be practical. The theoretical knowledge that constitutes research methodology is therefore organised around the operational steps that form this research process for both Quantitative and Qualitative research.

I have taken a very bold step in breaking down, where possible, the wall between qualitative and quantitative research by describing both methodologies parallel to one another within a common framework.

This course will primarily benefit 3 groups:

Students: Who are newcomers to academic research and have therefore assumed students of NOT having any prior knowledge.

Professionals: Gain significant knowledge on concepts of  market research or journal writing.

Academic Supervisor: Use this course to teach students about key research concepts.

……and of course, research enthusiast are welcome, too.

This course will not teach how to do statistical calculations. Statistic is not a core element of a research. You can conduct a perfect research work without conducting any statistical calculations. Moreover, the type of statistical calculations used for research varies markedly – from person to person, from discipline to discipline.

This course will not cost you a fortune; you just need to skip 2/3 cups of coffee but the knowledge you will gain worth a lifetime. See it for yourself!

Stay tuned, enjoy the course and feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Captions: English. Subtitles: Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, German, French, and Turkish.

Who this course is for:

  • Academic researchers
  • Faculty members
  • Business professionals
  • Research enthusiast
  • College/University students


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