Rest API Manual Testing – Virtual Classroom

Rest API Manual Testing – Virtual Classroom   Free Tutorial Download

How this “API Testing” is different from other online courses?

Welcome to Quaatso Learning. You have just opened the most comprehensive and exciting API Testing online course. This is not just another “online course,” it is a fully animated, extensive “API Testing Virtual classroom.” This course will take you to the “Journey” of learning a new skill set by following the new methodology of teaching. We used examples extracted from industry requirements, not from boring bookish patterns.

Yeah, We hate them too!!

What is Virtual Classroom?

We’re setting a new trend that will help our learners in staying ahead of the curve. Our “Virtual classroom” model provides extensive ranged animation and video options. This will help you craft and learn from interactive content that enhances your ability to grasp and understand your topics of research.

In the context of Java, we prepared content from the best teachers who got years of teaching experience in live classes. We converted their expertise in a model that will help you to learn and grasp complex concepts in seconds.

In this model, you will be a part of a virtual classroom and learn complex skills by watching the interaction between different characters.

How we framed our teaching model?

We prepared our content by focusing on “how the human mind learns new skills.” We consulted different psychologists and framed a new teaching model which can be applied at all levels and age group. This learning framework can be extended up to any level.

How did we make learning easy?

1. We created fully animated studio-recorded videos instead of boring un-professional videos.

2. We run the entire course through a storyline, which is divided into multiple sessions. It simulates a movie like visualization.

3. We explained a single scenario with numerous real-time examples. Thereby covering various applications of the same concept.

4. Our “NO-PPT” rule helped us, illustrating each example more descriptively and interactively.

Where we focus during teaching?

The main focus of this teaching model is on:

1. Making illustrations more interesting

2. Repeating the same concept in a different way for better retention

3. More examples of a single concept

Beware, our videos are addictive!!!!

Who this course is for:

  • Manual Testers
  • API developers
  • Rest API testers
  • Students
  • API developers


Download  Rest API Manual Testing – Virtual Classroom Free


Password : freetuts.download

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