Rhino- From Curves to Surfaces

Rhino- From Curves to Surfaces  Free Tutorial Download

Rhino is an advanced 3D modeling tool used in architecture and industrial design. In this course, you can learn tips and techniques for a modeling process to make complex forms from simpler forms: from curves to surfaces. Instructor Dave Schultze starts with his intersection technique for quickly building and changing models. Then he proceeds through a variety of modeling projects that showcase some of Rhino’s most powerful commands, from building a space helmet with Rail Revolve, to modeling a fabric cape from smaller curves and a loft, to building a realistic 3D gear. Plus, learn tips for organic modeling and adding details to curved surfaces.

Topics include:

  • Dave’s intersection technique
  • Making nonsymmetrical round surfaces with Rail Revolve
  • Modeling organic objects
  • Modeling fabric and clothing
  • Using isocurves and edges
  • Building more efficiently
  • Advanced point editing
  • Curve network hack-nique


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