Roadmap to Getting Your Illustrations on Products

Description Roadmap to Getting Your Illustrations on Products Free Download

This class is for illustrators who have the talent but lack the know-how to get their illustrations on products. Within 2 years of quitting her in-house design job, teacher Anne Bollman was able to create a six-figure self-employed salary as an illustrator using this method. She will take you step by step through her marketing and portfolio development strategy so that you have the tools you need to get your art on products. Students of the class will be able to download an illustrated roadmap to fill out as well as a workbook so that they can easily follow along and establish their own plan for success.



Class Prep

  • Defining Your Goal
  • Artist Marketing Overview

Step 1: Identify Top 3 Target Markets

  • Markets Overview

Step 2: Conduct Market Research

  • How to Find Manufacturers
  • How to Determine if They are a Fit
  • How to Determine if They Work with Artists
  • How to Find Contact Info

Step 3: Portfolio Review

  • Selecting Existing Pieces for Submission
  • Determining How Many New Pieces You Need

Step 4: Scheduling

  • Determine Time Needed for Developing Online Presence
  • Determine Time Needed for Portfolio Development
  • Calendar Blocking and Establishing Submission Due Dates

Step 5: Online Presence

  • Website Development
  • Online Portfolio Development
  • Instagram Account Development

Step 6: Portfolio Development

  • Market Research Based Concepting
  • Submission Presentation Formatting

Step 7: Email Pitch

  • How to Write a Brief Yet Effective Submission Email

Step 8, 9, 10

  • 8: Adjusting Your Schedule
  • 9: Repeating Steps 6 & 7 for Remaining Markets
  • 10: Email Responses to Expect and Follow Up

Screenshot Tutorials/Courses

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