Scaling Vue with Nuxt.js

Scaling Vue with Nuxt.js   Free Tutorial Download

Creating a Nuxt App

Now that you know why to use Nuxt.js to build Vue apps, in this lesson we’ll start building a Nuxt.js app together, understand the folder structure, and start building our example application. By the end we’ll have a working app with a layout and two pages we can navigate between.

Prerequisite Knowledge

From this point forward I’m going to assume that you’re comfortable with HTML, CSS, JavaScript basics, Vue.js, Vue Router, and Vuex. If you’re not familiar with these Vue topics, I recommend you stop here and take our Real World Vue.js course and our Mastering Vuex course.

Creating our Initial Nuxt.js App

To get started creating our application we’ll be using create-nuxt-app. Create Nuxt App is a command line tool that helps you create and scaffold out your Nuxt applications. It helps you set up the default folder structure of your app, you can optionally install your preferred server-side framework like Express or Koa, and you can also install the Nuxt Axios module for easy Axios integration with your app.

To get started, make sure you’re using a version of npm that’s 5.2.0 or higher. This will ensure you have have npx installed, we’ll need this command.


Download  Scaling Vue with Nuxt.js Free


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