Semantics and the MarkLogic NoSQL Database

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In this hands-on training course, you can learn about the world of semantics and triplets while using a business. NoSQL multi-model database. MarkLogic as your graph database for storing and querying triples while using open standards RDF and SPARQL. 

In addition, learn how to use a multi-model database allows you to create sophisticated queries against your triples, but also include other types of content, such as XML, JSON, and binary documents, in your real-time searches and transactional applications. .

In this 8-hour course, you are provided with a free virtual machine that gives you the ability to do the whole course hands-on, at the same time as the instructor. As you go through the hands-on, you learn how organizations use semantics, where triples come from and how they can be created, various triple formats, how to load triples into a database of MarkLogic, how triplets are stored in MarkLogic, How to generate a triple index, how to write SPARQL queries, how to write path expressions to traverse a graph, how to use triple, how to update triples, and how to integrate search and SPARQL combination queries within an application.

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