SketchUp: Concept Drawings with Photoshop

SketchUp: Concept Drawings with Photoshop – Sketch Training: Conceptual Design with Photoshop

Learn how to transform 3D models into presentation-worthy concept drawings by adding Photoshop to your SketchUp workflow. The course shows how to export SketchUp layers for Photoshop, and switch to this powerful image editor to enhance shadows, line quality, color, texture, and depth. Instructor George Maestri also shows how to add water effects and foliage, and finalize the drawing. By the end of the course, you’ll have a valuable technique you can use to create concept drawings for architecture or any other CAD work.

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Language of instruction: English
Teacher: George Maestri
Level of instruction :, Secondary
Time of training: 1 hour + 8 minutes
File size: 461 MB

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