Smart Tips: Excel

Quick tips to up your productivity in Excel: Master functions, format your spreadsheets, & analyze data with ease Free Download

What you’ll learn
  • Become more productive with Microsoft Excel
  • Master calculations in excel with a master rule for all functions
  • Simplify formatting to quickly create professionally formatted spreadsheets
  • Discover useful tools like autofill, sparklines, and goal seek
  • Use charts, pivot tables, and other tools to manage lists and analyze data
  • A basic understanding of how to use Excel, and access to a 2007 or later version of the program.

Have you ever needed to remove duplicate records in a list that’s hundreds of rows long, and gone cross-eyed trying to find all of them on your own? Or maybe you’ve needed to get just the first name from a list of full names and wasted hours manually copying them. I’m here to tell you there’s a better way for these and so many more of your real world struggles in Excel.

Welcome to Smart Tips: Excel! In this course I’ll provide short lectures to help you do something new – fast, so that you can immediately apply it to your work or life. The videos in this course are standalone. That means you don’t have to watch in any particular order. If you’re searching for a specific skill or topic that’s relevant for you, take a look through the available tips to find the knowledge you need when you need it.

My name is Alex Mozes, and I’m Director of Business Operations at Udemy. Before joining Udemy, I was a Microsoft Certified Master Instructor, and spent my time teaching people around Silicon Valley the secrets of Excel. In this course, I share some of my best tips to help you become more productive and efficient with your spreadsheets. I’ll teach you things like how to calculate dates, the master rule for all Excel functions, and how to teach the autofill tool common patterns you use in your business. We’ll cover tips in calculations, formatting, Excel tools, setting up spreadsheets, managing lists, data analysis and more.

All of these tips are designed to help you increase your productivity and become an Excel whiz. And, if there’s a time consuming activity in Excel you struggle with, let me know in the Q&A section. I’ll continue to add new tips regularly, so make sure to subscribe to the educational announcements for this course to hear about any updates.

Who this course is for:
  • Designed for beginner to intermediate Excel users who want to become more productive and efficient in Excel.
  • Advanced Excel users may be familiar with some of the tips in this course.


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