Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse and Essential SQL Training

Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse and Essential SQL Training   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Snowflake architecture in detail.
  • How data processing happens in snowflake.
  • Secure data sharing in snowflake.
  • Understand different caching layers in snowflake.
  • Continues data load using snowpipe.
  • Clustering tables in snowflake and how it works under the hood.
  • Load data and unload data from AWS , GOOGLE and AZURE cloud
  • Snowflake internal stage and external stages.
  • Snowflake data sampling and its importance.
  • Detail overview about, snowflake clone , failsafe and data retention.
  • Unique features of Snowfalke ( time travel , undrop , table swap)
  • Scheduling using Tasks
  • Streams in snowflake
  • Materialized views
  • Best practices in snowflake


  • Familiarity with SQL language and basic knowledge on database.


/*********Update 16 Sep 2020(Section 28 Bonus section)************/

> Added snowflakespark docker image. It’s preconfigured to connect with snowflake with all necessary drivers.

> You can query data in snowflake from spark shell using this image.

> It also comes pre configured with aws cli , snowsql etc.

/*********Update 01 Aug 2020(Section 1)************/

> Added docker image preconfigured with SNOWSQL , AWS CLI , SNOWFLAKE PYTHON CONNECTOR. With other unix file utilities.

/*********Update 01 Jul 2020***********/

> Added section on Materialized views

> Added Quiz for first 5 sections.

/******* Update 01 Jun 2020 ************/

> Loading data from azure – Section-12

Explains how to configure snowflake with Azure blob storage.

We will learn to load and unload parquet file from azure storage to snowflake.

> continuous data load in snowflake – Section-24

Demo showing , how to load data continuously using Snow pipe , Streams and Tasks.

/******* Update Apr 2020 ****************/

> Performance tuning and DB characteristics.

We will discuss about performance tuning in snowflake.

We will understand how update transaction and  query optimization works.

/******* Update 01 Mar 2020 ************/

> Streams in snowflake – Section 23

We will discuss about stream feature in snowflake.

Types of streams and using streams to automate SCD type 2.

> Scheduling in snowflake(TASKS) – Section 22

We will have good understanding about Task feature in snowflake to schedule SQL queries.

We discuss about it’s limitations.

/******** Update Jan 2020 ***************/

> Data sharing in snowflake – Section-17

Data sharing techniques in snowflake. We will understand how to create reader account and data share.

We will see difference between normal view and secure view.

We will discuss about Data share significance.

In this course you will get detailed insight into snowflake architecture. Once we are familiar with snowflake architecture we will leverage the knowledge to understand some of the very important features of snowflake like, time travel, clone or zero copy , drop and undrop and copy commands.

We will see different methods to load data and unload data from snowflake. Configuring snowflake with aws s3 and google gcs blob storages. We will do data load and unload from aws s3 and google gcs. We will also see how to execute queries on data stored in aws s3 and google gcs from snowflake.

We discuss best practices to create development databases using snowflake sampling techniques and different sampling algorithms of snowflake.

At the end of this course we will discuss some of the best practices that should be followed while using  snowflake database.

Who this course is for:

  • Developers planning to learn snowflake database.
  • Architects who want to understand best practices followed while using snowflake database

Download  Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse and Essential SQL Training  Free


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