Solar Energy beginner to advanced. Design Solar PV Systems

Solar Energy beginner to advanced. Design Solar PV Systems   Free Tutorial Download

The course goal is to develop the critical thinking and the quick approach of asking and answering questions by telling you where to focus on the datasheets and how to relate data together to make solid decisions or ask for more details.

The course content is mainly:

1. Videos which are the main content of the course

2. Quizes. One quiz at the end of each section

3. PDF files made particularly for you. Notes and challenge files at the end of each section organized in a table for your reference.

The course is divided in two main sections covering solar cells and solar panels. In the solar cell section you will :

1. Know more in depth about the solar cells in relation to solar panels.

2. Calculate the 100% efficient solar cells as well as any solar cell efficiency.

3. Cut and reconnect solar cells and notice the changes.

4. Compare between different panels using different size and number of cells.

5. Make your first solar panel and estimate your panel efficiency and size.

At the end of this section, you will know a lot of how to build different panels by just using different solar cell sizes, efficiency, quantity, and circuit connection method.

The other section is about solar panels. In this parts, you will :

1. Understand the solar panel standard datasheet different parts.

2. Compare between the mono and poly panel datasheets.

4. Count the panel efficiency and size per 1m2 based on STC and NOCT types of test.

5. Figure out the impact of ambient temp. and radiance on the solar panel and how they effect the panel performance and safety.

6. Know the different circuit wiring methods in order to make your first PV array.

7. Make your first solar array.

8. Calculate your panel max. current and max. series fuse rating and the fundamentals behind that.

Not only that but to pass this course successfully,  during the course you will

1. Be challenged several times to think more and solve problems that you have not thought about before.

2. Use the calculator, the pen and the notebook.

3. Pose the lessons several times and compare with other datasheets that you might have faced some problems to understand before.

4. Answer the quiz at the end of each section.

5. Go through the notes file I have arranged for you.

6. Take the final challenge to end this course as you expected to.

If any problem or doubts, me and all other students will be on your side to support you in the course discussion. This course is the first step in a series where you will cover mostly everything on your way up to stand out on top of all others in the field. Roll up your sleeves and wish you all the best.

Who this course is for:

  • interested in PV world
  • in the solar business field and want to build up your confidence and understand your stuff from a different angle
  • beginner but at least have seen a solar panel
  • a home solar system owner and you want to understand more about your panels as the source of power


Download  Solar Energy beginner to advanced. Design Solar PV Systems  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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