SQL: Data Reporting and Analysis

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Do you rely on IT to get you the data you need? Do you wish you could retrieve it yourself? SQL for Data Reporting and Analysisteaches you how to get the data you want by writing a bit of SQL code. You won’t just be able to pull data out of the database; you’ll be able to manipulate it: merging it, multiplying it, grouping it, and relabeling it to get just the report you want.

Join Emma Saunders as she shows you how to design and write simple SQL queries for data reporting and analysis. Review the different types of SQL, and then learn how to filter, group, and sort data, using built-in SQL functions to format or calculate results. Learn a bit about data types and database design. Discover how to perform more complex queries, such as joining data together from different database tables. Last but not least, Emma shows how to save your queries as views, so you can run them again and again.

Topics include:

  • Using different versions of SQL
  • Retrieving data with SELECT statements
  • Filtering and sorting your results
  • Transforming results with built-in SQL functions
  • Grouping SQL results
  • Merging data from multiple tables
  • Identifying data types, and how to make sense of your database design
  • Saving SQL queries

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