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Statistics and Probability are important parts of Data Science and you will have to be very efficient in it before you try your hands to analyse and visualize data.

To brush up on some basic statistics, without dropping a load of cash on a textbook/degree, try MOOC platforms like Udacity, EDx, Coursera. They offer good statistics courses that will be very helpful for you.

You need to know the following topics:

  • Distributions theory: You should be good with numbers and have an idea of how to implement the data in different scenarios.
  • Fitting: Once you know the distributions part, you have to fit it to data.
  • Classical hypothesis testing
  • Markov chains
  • Basic Bayesian thinking & modelling
  • Some old-school stats and probability theory
  • Regression: Linear and Non-Linear Regression
  • Machine learning Algorithms

Screenshot Tutorials/Courses

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