Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drones

Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drones   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Over 41 of those lectures have breathtaking flight footage to illustrate the points
  • 6 tools for you to take away to help you with your planning, flying, filming and editing
  • Raw footage for you to practice the edit techniques with yourself
  • Understand some of the typical legal and safety considerations when planning your production
  • Choose the right aerial hardware and editing software for successful videos and photos
  • Identify the key flying skills, shot options, flight patterns and gimbal skills needed to produce amazing aerial productions
  • Successfully plan your flying trips to maximise your chance of getting beautiful shots
  • Set up your GoPro with its optimum settings for successful editing across a range of circumstances
  • Make creative ground based footage to enrich your aerial productions
  • Complete pre-flight checks before you start flying and filming both at the flying site and before
  • Learn 25 design principles to follow when creating your production
  • Complete the 8 editing steps, common to most editing software, in order to make stunning aerial productions


  • If you would like to try the editing techniques that are demonstrated using the provided raw footage then get access to some video editing software such as FCPX or Adobe Premiere
  • The course highlights some typical areas of legal regulation for flying and filming with a drone though it is not the primary focus of the course. It is expected that the students will, through their own research, become thoroughly familiar with the regulations in their own country – they will need to do this anyway in an ongoing basis as the laws are changing regularly.
  • Though safety points are discussed throughout the course it is also not the primary focus. It is expected that students will do additional research (or come already with the knowledge) in order to fly and film safely.

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WHAT? – This course’s focus is on how to make stunning aerial productions both from filming with a drone initially and then from impactful editing afterwards.

WHO IS IT FOR? – For videographersphotographershobbyists and professionals alike that want to learn how to make amazing aerial videos and photos.

Packed with Detailed Instruction

Bruce is an exceptional aerial filmmaker and an exceptional teacher. The level of detail in this course is outstanding. If you are serious about using drones to tell better stories in your productions, this course is for you! Bruce will teach about how to use the tool of a multirotor to move the camera in ways that may not be obvious but can have a big impact on your productions. This is a premium quality filmmaking course for the age aerial photography and videography.” ★★★★★ Mark Richardson


Have you seen stunning aerial videos and photos and wondered how is that done? Perhaps you have a drone already and want to take your aerial productions to the next level for your hobby or business? This extensive course will take you on a journey all the way through from discussing; the merits of different drone types for aerial production; some basic flying skills for aerial imagery, to THE MAIN FOCUS OF THE CONTENT; a unique, structured way of thinking about, planning for, filming and then editing your standout aerial production. It will become a resource for you as well as a course.

Stunning Aerial Productions Using Both a Drone and Editing Techniques

  • Basics – Legal, Safety, Planning & Some Core Flying Skills For Producing Aerial Imagery
  • Unique, Structured Method To Guide Your Filming and Flying For Getting Impactful Footage
  • 25 Design Principles For Creating Captivating Productions
  • 8 Step Editing Workflow for Developing Your Final Product

The Time To Make Stunning Aerial Imagery Is Now

The ability to video and photograph the world from a unique, breathtaking, aerial perspective, using a drone is now available to all. The opportunities this presents for videographers, photographers, hobbyists and professionals alike is extraordinary.

There is a need to learn how to make standout aerial productions, to make imagery that will go beyond what will become the ordinaryMastering these new tools now, to produce highly impactful results, will get you ahead of the game professionally and give you endless hours of enjoyment personally.

Content and Overview

This course covers basics from selecting your drone, editing software and aerial camera. It has some guidance on initial flying skills and exercises for producing good aerial productions.

The course then goes beyond the basics and introduces, with extensive aerial footage to illustrate the points, a unique framework to guide all your flying and filming missions. This focusses on the extraordinary outcomes you should be aiming for in your aerial imagery and the flying you should be doing to get those outcomes.

You are then taught how to plan your flying and filming missions using this framework. You are taken through a range of unique in-course and online tools & resources to aid you in this planning. You will learn through a real example to show you how to apply the framework and tools to plan a successful flight.

You will then learn how to take the aerial footage and turn it into a stunning video production. You will be introduced to 25 design principles to follow and a software-generic 8 step editing workflow. This will be demonstrated by using Final Cut Pro X, but much of the demonstration will concentrate on how to apply the design principles and framework to guide the creation of the aerial video.

What is this course NOT for? Though the course touches on some things to look into from a legal and safety perspective the course is not designed to be a guide on your local drone laws or how to fly & film safely. These are areas that you must know already or that you must go and master before considering implementing any of the techniques in the course. Also – the course is not hardware specific and is not designed to teach you about how to set up any of your own drone hardware or specific handling skills for that hardware.

Music Credit: to Promo Video – Peace by Redman, licensed under the CC BY licence – see tinyurl.c om/RedmanPeace

Who this course is for:
  • You are considering using a drone to make fantastic videos and photos and want to know what you need to do both in the air and on the computer to make standout productions
  • You may already have a quadcopter or other multirotor and want to take your video and photo production to the next level
  • You need an extensive resource of aerial video and photo production techniques (in the air and on the ground) to access as you grow your skills

Download  Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography Using Drones Free


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