Sue Bryce Education – Sue Bryce Photography – Teen Girl Flow Posing

Sue Bryce Education – Sue Bryce Photography – Teen Girl Flow Posing  Free Tutorial Download

Teen Girl Flow Posing

Sue takes us through her flow as she poses a teen girl. Learn how to differentiate teen posing from woman posing and keep your teen client looking gorgeous – but also age-appropriate. Small modifications to Sue’s woman flow poses will make all the difference in your next teen session!

In the Teen Girl Flow Posing course, Sue guides you through the right and wrong way of posing a teen girl. You might remember from her Flow Posing: Woman course, that it’s all about the diamond. With a teen girl, you are able to close that diamond without the pose suffering. Sue will show you different ways to pose her teen model so you can capture great photos that match her age. You never want to use any of the more suggestive posings with a teen girl, so Sue shows you how to shut that down and how to stick with the more age-appropriate posing.

The Teen Girl Flow Posing course is broken up into 3 parts. You will start with part one which is sitting, then part two shows you how they bring a hat in the mix and how you can pose with that. The last part is flow posing your teen girl while she is standing.

As always, Sue is full of great information and you are sure to learn so much from this course! So download it and get well on your way to mastering more flow posing!


Download  Sue Bryce Education – Sue Bryce Photography – Teen Girl Flow Posing  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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