Supporting Your Kids’ Learning at Home

 Supporting Your Kids’ Learning at Home   Free Tutorial Download

Corbin and Kat Anderson have spent years perfecting their teaching craft in both physical and virtual classrooms. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they—like millions of other parents—found themselves grappling with a new challenge: helping their kids learn at home. In this course, Corbin and Kat explore the essentials of successfully schooling your kids at home, sharing tips and tricks gleaned from their own experiences. Whether your child is at home sick for a day, or home for weeks due to a pandemic, this course provides you with the essential information you need to guide their learning journey and keep them up to speed with their educational goals and requirements. Learn how to structure a successful workday, provide constructive feedback, and use games to keep kids engaged. Plus, discover where to find resources to educate yourself so you can provide proper support in core subject areas.


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