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SurveyMonkey is a hugely popular survey platform that you can use for free, or with additional tools that you can purchase. In this course, discover how to generate surveys on SurveyMonkey. Instructor David Rivers begins by outlining how SurveyMonkey works, and how online surveys can help your business. Next, he walks through the steps of creating an online survey, explaining how to choose a template, add questions, and customize your design. He also offers tips that can help to improve response rates. Then, David explains how to collect survey results, including choosing a collection method, using the Email Invitation Collector, and collecting responses via LinkedIn and other websites. Finally, David covers how to analyze your survey results by viewing individual responses, exploring question summaries, and exporting your question data. He also shows how to share your data with colleagues.

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Language of instruction: English
Moderator: David Rivers
Level of training: Preliminary
time of training: 2 hours + 5 minutes
File size: 287 MB

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