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Ah the dreaded R word: Rejection.

Students are constantly asking me if I still get rejected?

The answer is that I do, but generally not in the way you think.

Whenever I get a phone number rather than a pull, I consider that a rejection. When a girl’s friends show up out of nowhere and she chooses them over me, I consider that a rejection. The standard of rejection has risen through the years.

So I get rejected a lot, but if you were to watch my “rejections” you might be envious.


I certainly got rejected often (in the traditional and very obvious way) when I was starting out… and occasionally I still do. And I certainly had my share of pain for the first few years of learning.

Rejections, approach anxiety, confusion, bad advice, bad habits, bad game…yep, I’ll admit it, for most guys, learning game is difficult.

Even when you get good game, you still have to take action in order to get results, and that in itself is difficult. (I know plenty of “advanced guys” that don’t go out anymore and don’t get girls.)

Learning game is difficult. But you know what, I’m incredibly grateful for that fact.

And you should be as well.

Warning: I’m about to bend your mind a little…

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