The Ultimate Weight Loss

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What you’ll learn
  • Integrate weight management into daily life
  • Decipher nutrition and exercise tips and tricks for weight management
  • Create clear goals and progress towards them
  • Determine the five R words that will help you lose weight and keep if off long term
  • Develop and implement a weight loss plan and weight management plan
  • Execute a quick start plan for fast results
  • Acquire knowledge from a seasoned fitness professional with over 10 years experience and 15000 training sessions
  • Recognize and avoid 10 common mistakes people make when starting weight management program
  • Create a vision board that supports your goals
  • Implement 52 strategies for weight loss and weight management
  • The student will need a willingness and open mind to learn, implement, take action, and follow through with the game plan
  • The student will need a pen and paper for notes and a poster board to work on your weight management game plan outline and vision.

The Ultimate Weight Management Game Plan is a course about weight loss and weight management using psychology, science, observation and real world experience from a seasoned personal trainer who has helped countless people lose weight and keep it off. The course is structured in simple yet effective way to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Look at everything included in the course:

  • A quick start plan to get started right away
  • 50 tips and concepts to lose weight, and improve your health
  • How to come up with your own plan and vision for your health weight management
  • 10 reasons why people fail and what to do instead
  • Quizzes and other fun work to inspire you to continue when things get challenging
  • Bonuses including example meal plans for weight loss
  • More bonuses including 10 easy exercises that almost anyone can do
  • How to make a vision board, make I am statements, how to set goals
  • Downloadable PDF’s, power point, videos, and much more

Who should take this course?

  • Anyone who wants to lose weight
  • Anyone who wants help maintaining their current weight
  • Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and moms who struggle with weight loss and are open and willing to go through and complete the course.

Why take this course?

Jeremy Belter B.S. CPT has over 10 years full time personal training experience. After training over 15000 training sessions and helping busy people in the real world lose weight some common obstacles kept appearing. He helps you recognize these problems and gives steps to combat them. Finally, we do not just look at one thing but many different variables to combat the problem so you may never have to worry about weight again.

Who this course is for:
  • Who is this course for? Adults that want to lose weight It is also for the person that struggles to manage weight. Baby boomers, entrepreneurs, moms and busy professionals who want a plan despite a busy lifestyle.
  • Who should not take this course? The person who is already managing their weight easily The person that is not willing to take action and not ready for a change


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