Three Way English – English Language Course

Three Way English – English Language Course   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • You can improve your English Speaking skills.
  • You can practice your English Listening skills.
  • You can learn English Grammar.
  • You can learn English Vocabulary.


  • Have at least a beginner-level knowledge of English

Hi! I’m Dr. Don, an English professor who focuses on teaching English to non-native speakers.

Are you interested in improving your English language skills? Do you want to improve your English Grammar? Do you want to improve your spoken English? Do you want to be able to read stories in English, watch movies in English, or listen to music in English? If so, you might find my Three Way English program helpful. I’ve taken a story-based approach to learning English that has been around for awhile and adapted it to an online learning environment.

In this course, I take you through a short, easy-to-understand story three different ways. First, I present the story at a very basic English level so that even beginners can understand. Then I present the story twice more with increasing difficulty. The third time through, you will be able to understand the story presented in native-level English.

After introducing you to the story, I have several lessons that use the story to expand your understanding of English. You will learn English vocabulary words, English grammar structures, and common English expressions. In my experience, students who learn English in context like this find the information easier to remember and use. At the end of the course, I have a lesson on some cultural insights that you can gain from the story.

All the lessons are presented in English spoken slowly and carefully by a native speaker. Check out the Introduction video for a sample.

Who this course is for:
  • Students with beginner-level English or above interested in improving their English language skills


Download Three Way English – English Language Course   Free


Password : freetuts.download

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