Tokenisation and Encryption in Digital Payments, FinTech

Tokenisation and Encryption in Digital Payments, FinTech   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Tokenisation and Encryption in Digital Payment
  • Tokenization and Encryption in Digital Payment
  • Overview of HSM, Access and Refresh Token, OAuth
  • VISA and Apple Pay Tokenisation
  • Difference between Tokenisation and Encryption
  • Payment Processing


  • Basic experience of Digital Payment
  • Patience to listen and reflect on the discussed points


With the increasing number of Digital Payment tools and use cases, we are also becoming prone to newer frauds and risks. New age fraudsters and hackers are smarter and we need to protect ourselves by being one step ahead of them. Tokenisation and Encryption are the tools which can secure mobile-based digital payment systems and Payment Processing.

This business-oriented and not a fully technical course will help you to understand what is Tokenization and Encryption in digital payments.

Please go through the curriculum thoroughly before purchasing the course”

Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, payment service providers, almost all companies are using tokenisation and encryption to secure their own as well as the entire payment ecosystem.

We are excited to simplify these two most talked security tools in digital payments in this course.

See you there.. Happy Learning.

Who this course is for:

  • Digital Payment professional
  • Mobile Payment Enthusiast and Professionals
  • People wanting to learn about Tokenisation in Digital Payments


Download  Tokenisation and Encryption in Digital Payments, FinTech  Free


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