Transcription happens Automatically – with Amazon Transcribe (Updated 7 – 2020)

Transcription happens Automatically – with Amazon Transcribe (Updated 7 – 2020)   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • With Amazon Transcribe you will be able to Automatically generate transcripts from audio and video files in any of these formats: WAV, MP3, MP4 and FLAC
  • With Amazon Transcribe you can auto-transcribe 2 hours of a board meeting recording in just $2.88, and after little bit of correction you can charge your client between $15 to $20 for the finalized output
  • I will tell you 8 Websites for getting Transcription Work to Start earning, Few of them allows you to grab the projects right away!
  • This course covers both Amazon Transcribe & Amazon Transcribe Medical in detail so that you get the maximum return of value from making this purchase.
  • Create custom vocabulary for industry specific words like AWS, S3, EC2, F.B.I., CID etc.
  • Automatic multi-channel (Left & Right), multi-speaker (2-10 Speakers) identification
  • Timestamps and confidence score generation for each word that is transcribed
  • Automatically mask in-appropriate words with 3 asterisks *** in the output like the word F*ck will appear only as *** or completely remove them for the sake of compliance requirements
  • Automatic Content Redaction to Censor the Personally Identifiable Information [PII] of a person to maintain confidentiality and security
  • Generate real-time transcription from streaming audio with Amazon Transcribe & Amazon Transcribe Medical
  • Create Transcription Jobs with Amazon Transcribe Medical under Conversation and Dictation Categories
  • Converting transcription output into Subtitles for your videos
  • Converting Subtitles from one format to another i.e .srt to .vtt
  • Translating Subtitles from one language to another like from English to Portuguese
  • Adding Subtitles in multiple languages on a YouTube video
  • Course is now fully Updated with all the latest features introduced with Amazon Transcribe & Amazon Transcribe Medical till June-2020!!
  • Live Streaming Transcription App Deployment on AWS Amplify (No Coding Required), Sample Serverless App is made available by AWS itself!
  • Live Streaming Audio Transcription using an App (By AWS) that can be accessed from Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, No need to login into AWS Management Console, Ideal for recording MOMs or Taking Interviews!


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Great desire to learn and explore new tools and services
  • Windows, Linux or macOS system with internet connection


Some of the student’s feedback who have found this course useful


Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Detailed step-by-step instructions make you feel very comfortable to complete each task. The course is very well organized; each lecture is short and compact focusing on one task, allowing students to learn during their spare time. Excellent course!



Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Easy to follow, Very detail and updated information about Amazon AWS services.


Rating: 5.0 out of 5



Rating: 4.0 out of 5

First,i want to thank sir Nitin for the given opportunity to learn about Amazon Transcribe.Thank you sir for being so responsive to all my queries! I hope to use all of the methods i’ve learned in this course in my future transcription works.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5

It was a cool course. The instructor moved a little fast but it was good information.


*** Now it’s your turn to take the full benefit out of this course! ***

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Automation Quick Benefits: Transcribe Smartly | Less Hard Work | Save Time | Healthy For Ears |

Boost your transcription career with this powerful automatic speech recognition service called Amazon Transcribe, You don’t need to know any of the transcription tactics to become an efficient transcriptionist, the service takes care of all the nuances for you, just provide your audio file and get the text output back, as simple as that!

If you are taking 4hours to manually transcribe a 1hour audio file, then the usage of Amazon Transcribe can bring that time down up to 50% or more!

This course gives you hands-on experience on:

  • How to auto-transcribe audio into text
  • How to auto-transcribe video into text
  • How to auto-transcribe Live Streaming audio coming into your microphone
  • How to auto-transcribe Real-time audio using a 1-page web app(readymade) that can be accessed directly from MobilePC or a Tablet
  • How to convert speech into text automatically
  • How to generate subtitles for your YouTube videos in multiple languages
  • All of the latest features of Amazon Transcribe and Amazon Transcribe Medical to stay up-to-date

In your transcription career this course will help you:

  • Work from home by doing online Transcription tasks in the most efficient way
  • Start Earning by getting the Transcription work from 8 Websites mentioned in this course
  • Drastically reduce the amount of time spent on doing manual transcription
  • Deliver the Transcription tasks for the generallegal or medical category by using custom vocabulary
  • Generate real-time transcription under medical category using Amazon Transcribe Medical feature
  • Creating Transcription Jobs under medical category using Amazon Transcribe Medical feature
  • Automatic Content Redaction automatically replaces a person’s personal info with word [PII]
  • Automatically remove or mask in-appropriate words with *** in the transcription output
  • Automatically generate 2 to 10 alternate transcriptions for a given audio file with a varied confidence score
  • Automatically process Transcription Jobs using the queue system that can hold 10,000 jobs to process
  • Automatically transcribe audio files from 31 languages
  • Automatically transcribe even low-quality telephony audio
  • Access Amazon Transcribe in 4 possible ways to run transcription jobs efficiently
  • Live Streaming Transcription App Deployment using AWS code at GitHub and deploying via AWS Amplify Console.
  • Converting Transcription Output into Subtitles for your Videos
  • Converting Subtitles file from one format into another for making it eligible for certain platforms
  • Translating Subtitles from one language into another for making your videos understandable by a diverse pool of audience
  • Adding Subtitles in multiple languages on a YouTube video, f.ex. in English as well as in Portuguese
  • Generate a proof-of-concept for delivering Amazon Transcribe as a Solution/Project to your clients

A brief intro about the course structure:

  • The course has been divided into multiple sections, each section contains short videos to keep the content easy to digest
  • Section-2 covers all of the recent updates for 2020 and new features added to Amazon Transcribe
  • Section-3 contains all of the theory lectures to build a solid foundation required before practical knowledge
  • Section-4 to Section-15 are all demonstration videos, where you will learn various things about Amazon Transcribe and some of the related services, I will show you how to create and handle your AWS account independently and securely in context of Amazon Transcribe, and how you can handle Amazon Transcribe using AWS Management Console, CLI(on Windows), CLI(on Linux), SDK for Python, everything is covered through step-by-step video demonstration lectures till the end

Some of the unique features of this course are:

  • Securing the root account by using Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA)
  • Following the principle of least privileges to give only the required access rights to a user
  • Using all the best practices along the way
  • Applying the AWS Managed policies to a group of users collectively
  • Utilizing AWS in-built Services for Logging(CloudTrail), Monitoring(CloudWatchEvents) & Alerting(SNS) our Transcription Jobs
  • Configuring billing alerts to get the cost notifications for services consumed
  • Run Transcription Jobs via Console, CLI and using Python Script
  • I will explain each and everything that comes on the screen, I will also explain every command and syntax that we will follow
  • By the end of this course, you will be able to generate Transcriptions from your Audio/Video/Streaming-audio Automatically and handle your AWS Account independently to operate Amazon Transcribe in a Secure and Systematic way.
  • Students from 125 Countries and 41 Languages are learning from this course.
  • 4954 happy students have already enrolled and the count is just growing, get yourself counted by joining today!

With this course you will get:

  • Full course transcripts in PDF format like an e-book
  • In-built sub-titles in English on each video
  • Regular updates in the course contents
  • Q/A support for clarifying any doubts
  • 30-Days money-back guarantee
  • No-Risk at all – Just the gain

    ==> So, Enroll Now!


Update History:


7th July 2020 – Added 1 New Section at the place of Section-2 named: “June-2020 – Recent Updates | 4 New Features | Live Transcription App | Demos” and Added 5 Lecture to it as mentioned below:

4. June-2020 – Recent Updates | Summary | 4 New Features | Live Transcription App

5. New Feature | Automatic Content Redaction | Overview | Demonstration

6. New Feature | Amazon Transcribe Medical | Transcription Jobs | Conversation Demo

7. New Feature | Amazon Transcribe Medical | Transcription Jobs | Dictation Demo

8. New Attraction | Live Streaming Transcription App Deployment | Overview & Demo


28th Feb 2020 – Added 1 New Video under Section-14 name as mentioned below:

71. New – How to Upload Subtitles to a Video on Youtube


27th Feb 2020 – Added 1 New Section at the place of Section-14 named: “New – Taking Transcription Output to the Next Level” and Added 4 Lecture to it as mentioned below:

67. New – How to Generate Video Subtitles from the Transcription Output [Lecture Type: Video]

68. New – Steps to Upload Subtitles to few of the common platforms [Lecture Type: Article]

69. New – How to Convert .SRT Subtitles file into .VTT Subtitles file [Lecture Type: Video]

70. New – How to Translate Subtitles from One Language into another Language [Lecture Type: Video]


29th Jan 2020 – Added 1 New Section as Section-15 named: “Start Earning from Transcription Work” and Added 1 Lecture to it as mentioned below:

66. 8-Websites for Getting Transcription Work – Article [Has .pdf attachment for the mentioned 8-Websites]


6th Jan 2020 – Added 1 New Section named: “2020 – Recent Updates – New Languages | New Regions | 4 New Features” at Section No.-2, the Previous Section moved 1 step ahead in the sequence.

2Articles & 4New Videos Added to new Section as mentioned below:

02. How to make the best use of this course? – Article [In Section-1]

04. A brief intro about this Section & how to use it! – Article [In Section-2]

05. 2020 – Recent Updates – New Languages | New Regions | 4 New Features | Theory

06. New Feature – Alternate Transcription | Demonstration | JSON File | OnlineViewer

07. New Feature – Vocabulary Filtering | Demonstration | Masking A Word

08. New Feature – Amazon Transcribe Medical | Demonstration | Real-timeTranscription


29th Nov 2019 – A new Video named “02. A Very Quick demo of Amazon Transcribe in Action” has been added to the Introduction section and an existing video from the spot “01. About Me” has been now moved at the end of this course and has been renamed to “62. About Me”, this is because it was one of the quickest way to add a new video without disturbing my videos count because they have number in their names, going forward I would like to not use the numbers in my video names, in order to fix it for the entire course I have to re-upload all of the videos without number count at the beginning of their names, I will do that in late December along with some more course updates, so if you see “About Me” video is missing in Introduction section then you now know it is at the end of this course, thank you!


12th Oct 2019 – Best Practice Added: Usage of IAM Roles with EC2 Instance to Securely grant Programmatic Access for CLI & SDKs (Lecture No. 43 and 48 Updated)


Who this course is for:

  • Students who are starting their transcription career or already doing transcription tasks manually MUST attend this course to know how they can auto-transcribe media files by using Amazon Transcribe
  • Students who wants to do Transcription with least amount of manual efforts and with a BOOST in transcription speed
  • AWS Cloud Consultants who wants to deliver Amazon Transcribe as an Automatic Transcription Solution to their clients in a SYSTEMATIC way

Download Transcription happens Automatically – with Amazon Transcribe (Updated 7 – 2020)   Free


Password : freetuts.download

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