Understanding Trip Circuit Supervision Relay and Circuit

Understanding Trip Circuit Supervision Relay and Circuit   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Trip Circuit Supervision Relay


  • Basic Understanding of Drawings


Trip Circuit Supervision is one of the very important circuit in substation , power plant and distribution networks

Following topics are covered in detail

  • What is Trip Circuit & Tripping Coil
  • Understanding Mechanism of CB
  • Closing & Opening Spring operation
  • Operation of tripping coil & closing coil
  • Why it is important to Monitor Trip Circuit
  • Why Two Sets of Trip Circuit & Coils are provided
  • Why It is important to check TC1 should be feed from DC1 & TC2 from DC2 respectively
  • How wrong wiring connection result in damage of substation
  • Ways to monitor the Trip coil Supervision ( Relay or Bulb)
  • Monitoring Trip Circuit When CB is closed
  • Monitoring Trip Circuit When CB is open
  • Monitoring Trip Circuit When trip Command is being issued
  • Monitoring TCS when trip command is latched ( Case where tripping is through lockout Relay)
  • Concept of RC circuit for stable operation of relay during switching
  • Time Delay in issuing alarm signal
  • Function of External Resistor
  • Understanding MVAX TCS Relay
  • Understanding Schneider TCS Relay
  • Understanding ABB TCS Relay
  • Understanding ABB RXMB TCS Relay
  • Understanding Wiring of TCS in Schematic Drawing


Muhammad Kashif

Who this course is for:

  • Student, Engineer, Professionals


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