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What you’ll learn

  • User Testing Basics
  • UX Resources and Tips
  • Useful techniques for gathering information
  • Best tools to perform User Tests


Being a UX designer does not mean you should be able to design any feature or interface perfectly. We are all biased with our own perspectives and experiences, and that’s why it’s so crucial to validate our design decisions in more objectives ways. This course will introduce the concept of testing with real users through a number of methods, to ensure business risk is minimised and designs are properly evaluated. We will cover a range of topics:

  • What user testing is and why it is a crucial element of a design process
  • What are the most common elements of user tests
  • Introduction of various research methods, with the most attention dedicated to usability testing
  • Planning testing sessions and conducting them to extract maximum insight
  • Analysing and reporting the findings

The core of user testing

Learn what are the core components and principles of user testing – from administration and designing test through conducting the tests. You will be able to understand what are the shared elements and useful documents for any type of tests in the product design process.

The most popular methods

Get into the details of usability testing, card sorting, tree testing, split testing and feedback surveys to understand the strengths, weaknesses and elements of each of those methods. Explore the pros and cons of running remote, in-person, moderated and unmoderated studies.

Maximising the value of research

To make sure you get the most out of your tests, learn about effectively communicating with the participants and leveraging the approach of active listening. Learn how to triangulate your research, analyse qualitative data and prepare reports which will be digestible to your stakeholders and focused on the priorities.

The author of the course is Michał Mazur.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner UX designers
  • UI Designers wanting to get better in UX
  • Owners and managers willing to understand User Testing
  • UX Designers refreshing their knowledge on fundamentals

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