Vanilla JavaScript – Mobile Game Programming

 Vanilla JavaScript – Mobile Game Programming   Free Tutorial Download

Every developer wants to write fast and mobile-friendly projects. Using a game to practice JavaScript programming will enhance your skills in all areas of development: whether you’re designing corporate websites, ecommerce apps, multimedia players, complex interactive navigation, or yes, games. Join instructor Tom Duffy as he guides you through practical exercises that will build your JavaScript skills the fun way. Learn how to create and animate HTML objects, handle user input, implement a game loop, determine how objects interact, and style all the elements with CSS. Tom also shows how to incorporate music and sound effects and test the final game using Android and iOS emulators. By the end of the course, you’ll have “gamed” your way to better vanilla JavaScript skills.

Topics include:

  • Creating game elements with HTML
  • Defining conditions with CSS
  • Defining objects with JavaScript
  • Creating replacement animation with JavaScript
  • Animating objects with formulas
  • Simulating boundary collisions
  • Styling and positioning elements with CSS
  • Handling keyboard events
  • Rendering game objects on screen
  • Detecting collisions
  • Managing difficulty
  • Adding event listeners for mobile events
  • Testing the game on mobile emulators
  • Adding game controls
  • Playing sound effects and music
  • Deploying your JavaScript game


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