VBA for Project Finance Models Circular Debt Calculations

VBA for Project Finance Models Circular Debt Calculations   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Excel VBA
  • Advanced project finance modeling
  • VBA for circular problems in project finance


  • Knolwedge of project finance modeling
  • Strong Excel skills



Any of the following sound familiar???

  • You drive yourself crazy trying to model without tripping another circular reference
  • You have to wait for AGES for your model to solve ONE scenario
  • You have to wait longer than the age of the Universe to solve MULTIPLE scenarios
  • You groan whenever assumptions are updated (*ahem* corrected!) because you have to wait and solve everything again!
  • You have NO idea how to use your model to solve for input values which achieve target outcomes, because Goalseek doesn’t work in your CopyPaste macro model!

The reason you have all these time costs is because circular logic BREAKS EXCEL

The solutions most people know about are slow, and often used poorly, which slow down calculations even MORE!

But there’s no avoiding it. You HAVE to use circular logic in non-recourse debt and project finance modeling .

WHY? Because it affects one of the single most important questions you and your work are being used to answer: HOW MUCH DEBT CAN A PROJECT RAISE???

So let me ask you….

What would it be worth to you, to be able to do those tasks 5x faster…???
Let’s be clear… that means a 30 minute model run finishes in 6 minutes!

What if I told you, you could calculate 10x faster…???
Your 30 minute calculations complete in just 3 minutes!!!

For those of you using long-life models time and time againthese timesavings will be HUGE.
They will radically redefine the amount of time consumed by your work!

This course will cover industry-standard best-practice approaches
They are the same ones taught by top course providers like Mazars/Corality and EY…
But *this* course also adds the extra details that will help you use these techniques in the most efficient way possible!

This course will teach you mathematical secrets which will allow you to Solve circular models for any input!
Yes! You WILL be able to use this solution even in a models which have copypaste macros in them!
You will learn a method which is faster and more robust than running your model through endless copypaste-goalseek loops!
Best of all, this method lets you keep a SIMPLE copy-paste macro at the heart of your model!

This course will go beyond best practice – if you can handle it!
You will learn advanced methods that go far beyond what they have time to teach you in standard courses.
This could be a real challenge but if you succeed, your models will:

  • Calculate 10x faster or more
  • Not need manually macro triggers
  • Your models will work like a normal Excel file without circularity breaks
  • You will be able to use Excel’s Goalseek to backsolve again

You will also be coached to use this knowledge responsibly with professional awareness
You’ll learn how to understand and assess the tradeoffs that come with choosing between standard and advanced solutions so you can apply the one that is best suited to your current project.

Obviously, this is a highly specialised course, but if you model non-recourse debt or project finance deals, circular problems are probably the bane of your life…

Yelling “I’M MAD AS HELL” won’t help you… but taking this course WILL!

Who this course is for:

  • Analysts/modelers with 6 months or more experience or more in project finance
  • Students following on from my project finance course


Download VBA for Project Finance Models Circular Debt Calculations   Free


Password : freetuts.download

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