Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (2019)

Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (2019)   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to use Adobe Premier Pro
  • Video Editing basics
  • Storage & Organisation
  • Premier Pro Interface
  • Effects & Transitions
  • Titles & Animations
  • Audio
  • Sound Effects, Music, Dialogue
  • Audio Mixing
  • Exporting


  • Software needed: Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Basic computer knowledge (Mac or Windows)



Have you always wanted to know how to edit awesome videos for fun, work or just pure creativity?

This course will take you through the basics of learning video editing with one of the most elite and professional video editing softwares available. Premiere Pro is easy to use and there is so much room to grow into the professional video editor you always wanted to be.

My name is Mitchell McKenna and I’m a videographer & professional video editor.

  • I’ve studied video production and editing since 2012 and graduated from the University of Western Australia majoring in Communication & Media
  • I started my own freelance video production company (MFM Media – Video) in 2016.
  • I’ve been producing and editing videos for social media, promotional content, podcasts, live presentations and interviews ever since.
  • My past work involves projects for West Australian Mining Companies (Mt Magnet Drilling), Local Electrical Business (Response Electricians), E-learning platforms (Electrician’s Success Academy), Weddings, Functions (Master Electrician’s Australia), Promotional Videos (Broderick W. Co.), Personal Videos (Coral Bay).


  1. How to get your self setup and organised & familiar with video file basics
  2. Then look at opening Premiere Pro for the first time, creating a new project & adjusting the settings.
  3. How to import footage, learn the editing panels and process, apply effectstransitions, adjust the colour and make titles & animations.
  4. Learn the power of audio, and how the 3 components, Sound Effect, Music & Dialogue, work together with a bit of audio mixing.
  5. Become familiar with the different export settings, use Adobe Media Encoder & check file resolution once complete.


Although this course will teach you the basics of video editing with Premiere Pro I also strongly suggest that you take the time to put into practice the lessons you learn. Only with practice and time will you become efficient and effective at video editing (which is generally a time consuming process). I will show you how to use the tools and what they do but it will be up to you to be creative and practice in your own time.

Who this course is for:

  • Small business & content creators wanting to learn how to edit video & audio to tell a story or message
  • People who want to make better videos with professional software


Download  Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (2019)  Free

https://www.dropbox.com/s/d2majw19sqobw8b/[ freetuts.download ] Udemy – Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro (2019).zip?dl=0

Password : freetuts.download

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