Web Application Hacking with Burp Suite

Web Application Hacking with Burp Suite   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Learn how Burp Suite is used in web application hacking
  • Learn how to find and exploit common vulnerabilities with Burp
  • Learn how Burp Suite can help automate attacks
  • Follow along with practical examples through vulnerable labs
  • Hands-on Examples


  • Basic knowledge of HTTP protocols and communications
  • Basic knowledge of web applications


This course will introduce Burp Suite and demonstrate the common modules and tools used by web application hackers to find and exploit vulnerabilities. This course provides practical examples through the PortSwigger labs and DVWA to help solidify the concepts and give you the opportunity to exploit systems.

This course focuses on using Burp Suite to attack web applications. We will primarily use the community version, as it is free and accessible, and provides the important functionality required to start attacking systems.  I’ve provided links to all of the resources used in the video, so you can follow along and practice your skills with the videos!

Who this course is for:

  • IT security engineers
  • Students looking to learn IT security
  • Ethical Hackers and Penetration Testers
  • Bug Bounty hunters targetting web applications


Download  Web Application Hacking with Burp Suite  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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