Whimsical Animals with Watercolors

Whimsical Animals with Watercolors Free Download

About This Class

This class should help you mastering loose watercolor techniques combined with drier watercolor techniques. We are going to practice painting loose animals with watercolors and ink. The main concern of this class is finding a balance between wet and dry parts of our illustrations and trying to control uncontrollable.


  •  how to paint animals wet on wet and wet on dry
  •  how to create different effects with watercolors
  •  how to use ink and water to create interesting animal silhouettes or illustrations
  •  how to transfer your sketches on a watercolor paper without pain
  •  working with time to create more complex watercolor illustrations

This class is for beginners as well as for more skilled artists who usually work “wet on dry” with watercolors, and they would experiment with loose technique.

By the end of this class, you will have your own mini collection of watercolor animal illustrations!

DownloadWhimsical Animals with Watercolors Free Download Free

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