Working from Home – Strategies for Success

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Thirty-seven percent of remote workers wear their pajamas during the day.

That may not be a best practice, especially on a Zoom call, but it’s the reality, according to a Monday.com survey of 1,000 full-time employed men and women in April that aimed to show the impact of working from home on people’s behaviors.

The survey brought to light some other interesting findings, among them: 69 percent of employees enjoy working from home more than they expected; half struggle with work-life separation; nearly half feel less productive; and 17 percent work with a child or pet in their lap.

“Sixty-nine percent of employees enjoy working from home more than they expected; half struggle with work-life separation.”

Whatever these results signal about remote work, it may become a more salient feature of professional life. A separate survey of 500 venture-backed founders conducted by the Kung Group — a leadership coaching firm in Silicon Valley whose clients have included Apple, Oracle, and Microsoft — found 60 percent of CEOs say “working remotely has had zero negative impact on employee productivity, 65 percent of CEOs wouldn’t return their companies to the office (yet), even if stay-at-home orders were lifted; and 66 percent of CEOs are considering letting go of (or downsizing) their offices.”

The upshot is we may be asked to settle into a new way of working for quite some time. Your kitchen table may have sufficed as a provisional office at the early stages of the pandemic, but as we come out of it, having success as a remote worker will require more thoughtful consideration. We spoke with several remote work experts for advice on how to be effective — and stay sane — when working from home.


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