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XHTML Training – X Html Tutorial

Extensionable HyperText Markup Language is the same as XHTML , along with the strict observance of all syntax rules and syntax commands closer to XML, which ensures greater reliability of the functionality of documents in more complex conditions available on the Internet today. XHTMLs, document types, and modules are currently and in the future, which are actually subsets and expanded HTML4. This type of document is based on XML and is designed to work in conjunction with an XML-based user agent.

In your XHTML tutorial , you’ll become familiar with the key features of this powerful, functional language.

Educational titles :
– What is XHTML?
– What is XML?
– Text font setting
– Photo linking
– Working with tables
– Creating forms
– Working with javascript and CSS

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Info Tutorials/Courses

Language: English
Teacher: Bill Weinman
Level of training: Preliminary
time of training: 3 hours + 40 minutes
File size: 267 MB

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