40-Minute Course To Achieve PhD Offers

40-Minute Course To Achieve PhD Offers   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • Biology PhD applications
  • Methods to get internships
  • How to get PhD offers from the University of Cambridge and Oxford
  • Biology PhD interviews
  • Where to find scholarships
  • How to prepare for and write PhD applications
  • How to prepare for and perform PhD interviews
  • How to get PhD offers from top universities


  • There is no course requirements or prerequisites.


“Applying for PhD sounds daunting.” 

“I don’t know where to start, what to start and how I should start.” 

I also had “how do I begin?” days when I started my PhD applications in 2019.  Cherry-picking PhD information scattered across different media is a huge hassle, too.  I had to also seek advice from supervisors to prepare for applications and interviews.  I was afraid since I was applying for PhD during my undergraduate study.  I don’t have a Masters degree.  Am I an attractive applicant?

Fortunately, I received 3 PhD offers from Cambridge and Oxford in biology, and have started my PhD at Cambridge from 2020.  I am now confident – my methods of preparation for PhD applications and the interviews were effective.  To help students in similar situations as I was, I have made this course to guide you to achieve PhD offers in the field of science from top universities, especially in the UK.

What you will gain from this course.

  • Everything you must know to achieve Biology PhD offers from top institutions like the University of Cambridge and Oxford.
  • Email & CV techniques to increase your chance to obtain lab internship offers.  You might also get a chance to work with a Nobel laureate!
  • Tips for selecting PhD programmes and a suitable lab for your PhD.
  • Strategy to boost your status to become a successful PhD applicant.
  • Methods to write great PhD applications (supported with essays I have actually submitted to universities).
  • Strategies to make a successful PhD interview, presentation and paper discussion.

This 40 minutes-course will teach you everything about PhD applications and interviews to help you in getting PhD offers.  My experience of making 5 PhD applications and know-how I built from 7 years of summer internships and gathering PhD information are all condensed in this 7 lecture-course.

What makes this course different from the rest of the PhD courses out there?

  • Simple:  This course is only 40-minute-long.  I made it short and simple so you can put into actions quickly.
  • Real Experiences:  The course will guide you with step by step on how you could enhance your research experiences and create connections with world-leading researchers across the world.
  • Knowledgeable Instructor:  Currently a PhD student of the University of Cambridge.               I also have a rare research experience to work with a Nobel laureate.
  • Up To Date Information:  Everything taught in this course are based on my own experiences and information gathered from supervisors, post-docs and PhD students from top institutions including the University of Cambridge.
  • Excellent support:  If you want advice on your future endeavours to become a top PhD applicant or you simply want to drop me a line, you’ll receive an answer within 2-3 working days.

If you just started your undergraduate study and have an interest in PhD, this course will also be useful for you.  I will be sharing how I spent my undergraduate days building my CV and gaining a range of skill sets to become a strong PhD applicant.

This course will save a huge chunk of your time preparing for your next career step and support your self-improvement!  We will learn together step by step.

Why should you consider doing a PhD in the field of science?

  • Growth:  PhD candidates acquire valuable research techniques and experiences while honing their power to perform independent research.
  • Research Contributions:  Your research as a PhD student can be a ground-breaking discovery and create a significant impact on society.  Occasionally, this could lead to developing your own business!
  • Passion-Driven:  PhD candidates can pursue the scientific topics of their interest while getting paid!
  • Career Prospects:  If you have a PhD, you have a range of career options.  You can remain in academia and establish your own lab in the future to pursue your passion.  Or alternatively, it is possible to apply your accumulated experiences and skills in industrial settings.

Please don’t forget that this course comes with Udemy’s 30-day money-back guarantee.

Go ahead and subscribe to this course!  Don’t risk your future success!  If you don’t learn my methods now, you will miss an opportunity to separate yourself from the others.  Let’s start learning together now!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has passion to pursue PhD in biology.
  • Anyone who has passion to pursue PhD in science disciplines.


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