Advanced Go Programming in 7 Days

Advanced Go Programming in 7 Days Free Download

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  • Understand Go’s type system and the language syntax itself
  • Write elegant Go code that is efficient and readable
  • Utilize concurrent features and understand the caveats of synchronization
  • Work with networking and create web servers
  • Understand Go tools and how to use them in practice by creating a productive workflow
  • Work with the standard library and write a real-world application
About Go is a modern, open source, statically typed language that resembles C. It is particularly useful in developing cloud-native applications as it’s convenient, occupies a low footprint, and deploys fast.

Go greatly simplifies the development of modern applications. With its vast ecosystem of tools and libraries, it’s easy to create an efficient software pipeline that satisfies business requirements.

This course will elevate your knowledge of Go by teaching you the advanced concepts of the language. You’ll also understand how you can utilize them in practice. It starts by introducing familiar features of the language before delving into more details. You’ll master the art of programming with Go, which includes understanding the Go language, writing idiomatic yet readable code, building web applications, microservices, command-line applications, and more.

By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to engineer efficient Go solutions that can move mountains.

The code bundle for this video course is available at

Style and ApproachThis course is super-friendly and accessible as it defines a daily curriculum. It will help you to implement advanced programming concepts (even if you don’t have the time to take a comprehensive course or book) and use it in your daily work. You’ll challenge your existing knowledge of Go by exploring some advanced concepts of the language. Also, you’ll master the art of writing command-line apps and server-level code, then start architecting an example issue tracker microservice-based application while adhering to best practices and making it more robust and deployable.

  • Unique approach that will help you gain a solid foundation in advanced concepts with hands-on practice each day
  • Make your applications more robust and resilient by mastering Golang
  • Covers some essential and complex concepts in a practical way to help you take your app development to the next level


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