Alomoves – Upper Back Mobility & Flexibility

 Alomoves – Upper Back Mobility & Flexibility   Free Tutorial Download


One of the keys to healthy movement, whether you practice yoga, calisthenics, CrossFit, or powerlifting is flexibility and good range of motion in your upper back. In this plan we focus on releasing tension and improving your flexibility in and around the upper back including the trapezius, rhomboids, lats and triceps. Over time, tightness and knots between the shoulder blades, or scapulas, can impede range of motion and flexibility with overhead movements. Overhead range of motion is crucial to any type of fitness activity, whether you’re trying to improve your inversions or backbends in yoga, or your jerk or press as part of your strength training. Shoulders are often an area that we neglect in our regular stretching and mobility work, and yet are some of the most important areas to work on for advanced movements. Use this plan to bring awareness, relieve tension and improve mobility in some of the most commonly tight areas in the upper back, with an emphasis on shoulder strength and stability.


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