American Accent Mastery II – Advanced Application

 American Accent Mastery II – Advanced Application   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn

  • How to apply the American Accent to practical situations
  • How to use the American Accent to improve your clarity and communication skills so that people understand you
  • How to use the Techniques taught in the first course (“American Accent Made Easy”) and apply them to your daily life
  • How to convert a foreign accent to an American accent by analyzing real world case studies
  • Advanced practical exercises to take your American accent to the next level
  • Worksheets are provided to follow along with
  • Don’t spend time and money learning intellectual elements that get in your way. Learn the skills and ways of thinking that will allow you to actually apply your accent effectively
  • Take the lessons with you! The class is optimized for laptops, tablets and phones


  • Basic knowledge of the English language
  • Completion of the first course, “American Accent Made Easy” (not mandatory)



To give you the tools, tricks, exercises and techniques to apply your American Accent knowledge to every day, real world situations.

Are you sick of people asking you “Where are you from??” or “Can you please repeat that?” or “Sorry, can you speak slower?” If so, this course will help you speak with a clear, crisp and correct American accent in circumstances spanning business, phone conversations, presentations, interviews, acting and social conversations.

The goal is simple: finally remove the barrier to communication you have as a foreign English speaker.


With thousands of clients around the world, more and more I’m hearing the need and craving for a course that doesn’t only teach the techniques to achieving a perfect American accent, but how to apply these techniques to specific real world situations.

As a foreign English speaker, you can understand the struggles of being understood on the phone or being passed over for a job because the manager couldn’t understand you. You’ve known what its like to order food or a product and receive the wrong thing because the person on the other end misunderstood you. The experience of people laughing at you awkwardly or tuning out of your stories or presentations because they don’t know what you’re saying, is all too familiar.

After learning the techniques in my first course, it’s time to use advanced skills to apply them. So, I decided to create a course where you get to watch and listen as we convert foreign accents to an American accent in real world situations. This course also gives you a whole new way of approaching the American accent by removing the technical aspect and getting you to THINK like an American English speaker.

The idea of this course is to breakdown the techniques you’ve learnt and show you how to apply them in your daily life and also provides practical assignments and exercises for you to practice in your daily life.

The reason this is a separate course is because the forms of application are so vast that putting them in the introductory course would be overwhelming. This is for those who need to and are ready to use their accent in high stake situations in their daily lives.


This course is for anyone who wants to perfect an American accent in the real world, regardless of your field of work. The teachings apply to everyone from those who work in IT and business, to those who need the accent for presentations, meetings, phone conversations, to actors, hosts and voice over artists.

Ideally, you will have completed my first course “American Accent Made Easy” and have a basic understanding of the drills and techniques we will be applying here.


You will learn how to apply the Drills and Technical lessons to real world situations. You will learn how to use the American accent to your advantage in professional and social situations. You will also learn how to analyze American conversations through case studies, so that you will understand how rhythm is applied. This will help you tweak and shift your accent to American English that can be understood in this ever expanding globalized world.


“My lack of understanding of the US accent was preventing me from booking work. Ashwin has a wonderful, effective and easy to learn approach to his teaching that wasn’t just about the sound, but also rhythm and tone. After only a few lessons I had more much confidence for auditions and within only a few weeks had book an American job!”

– Keisha Castle-Hughes (Oscar nominated actress in Game of Thrones, Whale Rider, FBI: Most Wanted)

“Meticulous, thorough and practical. Ashwin Gore’s accent coaching means walking in the room feeling prepared and on-point with the American accent.”

– Deobia Operai (actor in Independence Day 2, Dumbo, Sex Education)

“Ashwin has helped me get the perfect American accent. His methods are easy to learn, easy to practice and fun to do. Not only did he help me with the accent, he also taught me to use my voice in the best possible way.”

– Tyler Atkins (actor in Outlaw Chronicles, Puberty Blues)

Who this course is for:

  • Those with a foreign accent who want to be better understood in daily work and social life
  • Those who are sick of people asking “where are you from?”, “sorry, can you repeat that?”, “I don’t understand what you’re saying”.
  • Those who have completed my first course “American Accent Made Easy” and have a basic understanding of the techniques


Download  American Accent Mastery II – Advanced Application  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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