Animating With Layers- Intro To After Effects

Animating With Layers- Intro To After Effects Free Download

About This Class

Have you wanted to try creating animation or motion design in Adobe After Effects but been put off by it’s complexity?  Have you tried After Effects but not sure you’re really “getting it”? Then this series of classes is for you!

Intro To After Effects Part 2 is the second of a four part series to introduce Adobe After Effects to aspiring animators and motion designers with little or no experience with the software.  If you haven’t yet taken Intro To After Effects Part 1, you’ll want to make sure and start with that first class as we’ll be building on the lessons from part 1 in part 2.

Perfect for Graphic Designers or Illustrators with an interest in animation or motion design, this series is a comprehensive survey of After Effects fundamentals that will give you a real understanding of the software and allow you to begin creating your own unique work with confidence.

Taught by Morgan Williams, an animator with over 25 years of professional experience and almost 10 years of experience as an animation instructor, this class is packed with professional techniques and practices to make your workflow smart and efficient..

But you won’t just be learning about software; throughout the series, software techniques will be connected to the principles of animation and other “bigger ideas” behind successful animation and motion design work, giving you a strong foundation both technically and creatively.

In Intro To After Effects Part 2, we will focus on…

  • Organizing assets in the Project window
  • Working with different types of layers in After Effects
    • Video layers
    • Image layers
    • Text layers
    • Adjustment layers
    • Solid layers
  • Blend modes
  • Working with effects
    • Adding effects to layers
    • Animating effect properties
  • Creating “moving holds”
  • Property key commands
    • “TRAPS” keys
    • “U” key
  • Auto bezier keyframes
  • Mask basics
    • Adding simple shape masks
    • Basic mask settings
  • Completing and rendering a final animation


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