Arduino – NodeMCU ESP8266 IoT Wifi Relay Sensor Dashboard App

Arduino – NodeMCU ESP8266 IoT Wifi Relay Sensor Dashboard App   Free Tutorial Download

Are you web developer or embedded developer? Student? Maker? Either way, IoT is not just a buzzword any more, it is becoming increasingly in demand, so if you are looking for a slight career change, great learning opportunity or just a fun and useful project, this course is for you!

It is designed to give you everything you need to design and code a working real-world IoT home-automation prototype device.
You will gain invaluable knowledge on every step of the entire process, explained simply, efficiently and with ease.

You will learn how to build your own Sonoff device

You will see how to code Arduino firmware for esp8266 using VS Code, which will make process of coding incredibly enjoyable, clean and professional.

You will learn how to use JavaScript library -ko.js, for building amazing web applications from scratch, that are served directly from ESP8266 flash memory

You will learn how to use Charts.js – JavaScript library for creating amazing and interactive charts to display data from your switches and sensors.

You will learn how to utilize sensors like DHT22 and DS18B20 with esp8266.

You will code your own relay control module

You will learn how to emulate eeprom on esp8266 to save configuration data

and much, much more……

Who this course is for:

  • students
  • makers
  • learners
  • web developers
  • embedded developers


Download  Arduino – NodeMCU ESP8266 IoT Wifi Relay Sensor Dashboard App  Free


Password : freetuts.download

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