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Blogging for Your Business is a course focussed on planning and strategy. This was done because it is usually the planning and strategy part of the process that is left out when a new business blog is built. The course takes you through the planning process of creating a blog as part of your business marketing strategy. In it I provide a structured approach that divides the planning process into discrete stages, each with its own tasks and decisions. Through the course you are presented with key decisions, best practices, and expert advice that make you better informed and more equipped to build a blog that helps boost your business and its presence online. The course also shows how to set goals, delegate responsibilities, find a content niche, recruit contributors, and how to make technology decisions.

This is my first live action course and from a planning perspective it is also the most complex course I have created and I am very excited that it is now available for the world to see.

Watch the course and join the discussion about how to blog for your business!

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Title: Blogging for Your Business
Type: B2B Marketing
Author: Martin Waxman
Duration: 48m 41s
Skill: Beginner

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