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There’s no need for me to write too much here. Doing something you love doesn’t make you a teacher and showing people what you are doing doesn’t make you a teacher either. Teaching is an art, teaching is a profession. There’re lots of videos out there but only few will teach you. I’m a teacher.  I want to teach you to understand and do things by yourself. This course goes straight to the point. If you want to learn how to use PHP, AJAX, OOP and PDO to build a Web Application (Database), then, I recommend this course. You will learn and understand how to use:

PHP to build web applications

OOP to create methods (functions) to save you lots of code typing (Don’t Repeat Yourself – DRY).

AJAX to post data and display data from a database without refreshing your page or browser.

PHP Data Object (PDO) to establish very secured connections to database servers and avoid SQL Injections.

We shall be creating a real application to get you the practical knowledge on your finger tips.

This course is for anyone from beginners to  IT Professionals who want to jump start and skip all the too many confusing explanations to go right into the real world of Web Programming with PHP.

Don’t make the mistakes I made, You cannot learn everything in PHP, even the developers of PHP don’t know everything because it’s a community of contributors. What you need to know is to master the important concepts that will give you the confident to build your own apps. And as soon as you get to that level of confidence you will start learning and adding to you skills all the time and that is exactly what we shall be doing in this course.

I have been teaching since I was 17 yrs. My recent teaching experience was at a college level. I have a teaching methodology that works when it comes to programming; I explain the concepts, teach you how to use it, and I show you when to use it.


Some Comments 

From Jaiyaramakrishnan Mahendran

this course was subscribed to give it to a 6th grader to learn php, as introduction to computers and website development, the student feels absolutely comfortable with the lectures because concepts are heavily emphasized in this course followed by syntax of the language, well done author, i wish my son can learn something during this summer break and starts web development as a skill

From  Tjasa Flis

I loved this course! The instructor really takes the time to explain everything in detail. And also by repeating himself I remembered what he said and was able to wrote my own code by the end of the course, so I really learnt a lot! Also when I had any questions the instructor answered promptly and clearly!

Who this course is for:
  • Individuals looking forward to Understanding Web Programming
  • PHP Learners
  • Individuals looking forward to Building Professional Web Apps
  • Absolute Beginners looking forward to learning PHP
  • Individuals looking for jobs as Web Developers

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DownloadBuilding Database Web App PHP | OOP | PDO | AJAX | MySQL Free Download Free


Password : freetuts.download

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