Building Spring Boot Applications with the Kotlin Programming Language

Building Spring Boot Applications with the Kotlin Programming Language   Free Tutorial Download

What you’ll learn
  • Build fully functional, robust and efficient applications with Spring Boot and the Kotlin programming language
  • You should have some basic Java experience, as the approach is to convert your Java knowlege and skills to Kotlin, rather than to teach programming from scratch.
  • You should have basic experience of building Spring Boot applications in Java – ideally you’ll be familiar with building a controller, and connecting to a database with JPA.
  • Even if you don’t have too much experience with Java or Spring, you will be able to take this course, just be prepared to look up anything which isn’t completely familiar!

Kotlin is a programming language for the JVM (and also for Javascript and native code too) which was created by JetBrains – the company behind the IntelliJ IDE. It offers a number of enhancements over Java, including that it’s less verbose, has immutable variables, and almost always gets rid of the NullPointerException. Compared to other JVM languages, such as Scala, Kotlin is an easy transition for Java developers, and the Kotlin team hope that it will eventually replace Java alltogether!

In this course we learn how to code in Kotlin, with a particular focus on how to build full stack Spring Boot applications with Kotlin.

This course is aimed at existing Spring Framework Java developers who want to upgrade their skills to use Kotlin instead of (or as well as) Java.

Who this course is for:
  • Java developers, using the Spring Framework, who want to upgrade their skills to Kotlin

Download Building Spring Boot Applications with the Kotlin Programming Language   Free


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